An AI Interface that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of extracting intelligence from Conversational Data.

Save 80%-time efficiency vs manual extraction from Conversational Data with Drug-GPT

Find, analyze and measure unseen intelligence over time.

Built for Healthcare Data

Extracts Intelligence from Curated Conversational Data

Analyze and Measure Intelligence Over Time

Pre-Trained Models


Drug-GPT uses natural language questioning and understanding to interrogate data that has been curated by Talking Medicines using its proprietary Advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence models.

Talking Medicines solutions are designed exclusively for healthcare. Established through years of life science AI/ML/NLP modelling & linguistics knowledge.

Work with Talking Medicines to find “the needle in a haystack” in Conversational Data by leveraging the power of Advanced Data Science with Artificial Intelligence and human touch expertise, Drug-GPT provides a comprehensive source of truth.

We work with Conversational Data, including:

Research Transcripts
Ad Boards
Open/Closed Communities

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